Sunday, March 8, 2009

Quickly Does The Time March On

EtsyBloggers ask, “We are already on March!! What have you accomplished this year in real life or on Etsy?? Have you followed your New Year's resolutions? What are your plans for the rest of 2009?”

Good questions. I know I’ve washed the kitchen floor at least once. As far as New Year’s resolutions, I didn’t make any. I set goals (if I set goals) as the opportunity arises. I don’t see a need, then postpone it until the New Year like a diet (everyone knows diets can only start on Mondays.)

I have taken my jewelry making in a slightly new direction. This year I’m actually (gasp) doing something other than Peyote Stitch. I’m doing some pieces featuring dazzling Swarovski crystals and fire polish beads in triangle weave and right angle weave.

And the rest of 2009? I let my jewelry obsession take me where it chooses so who knows? I do need to knuckle down and get a few more items on Etsy, which means I need to work on my photos. I’d love to be more involved with craft shows however I have to put most of that burden on my mom as I can’t get there early (I work until 1AM.)

And finally I’d like to get off my big fat chair and hit some yard sales.

While I believe in reaching for the stars, I go for know...closer ones.


  1. I love your spring necklace! You do pretty creations. I wish I had the same passion in beading like you. I tend to not stick in one technique. :)

  2. At least you set your goals - I'm still thinking about what goals to set. :(

  3. We sound a lot alike. Hope you can get a craft show or 2 in this year! Then again, it might not be the best time for those in this economy.

  4. Set your goals and take it easy. Have more fun...
    Love that blue earrings!

  5. Beautiful blue earrings!! Your work is beautiful!
    I tag you. Check out my blog!
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  6. Ooooh, did you have to remind me about new years resolutions. That's a bit depressing LOL.

  7. Maybe the more organized among us set goals and actually check in to see how they are doing! As for me, my poor muse has left, perhaps with Elvis lol! Love the earrings in the photo, great shade of blue! Teri

  8. "everyone knows diets can only start on Mondays"... Words of wisdom...

    I too don't make resolutions, but goals. And I set them whenever I want to, not just January 1st. My goal of once again going to the gym every day started on February (on a Monday of course), and I can report it's going well.

  9. haha! I go for the closer ones too..makes me feel like I've accomplished something ;-) I love those earrings! Very pretty! That is one goal I have set before myself that I rarely learn something new w/ jewelry.

    My goals though this year were to get my jewelry biz into my Quickbooks program and I did it! Now to keep up with it. Also I"m trying to write a list every night before I go to bed of what I need to do the next day. It's been working well to help me focus..even if I don't get everything done on it.

    Craft fairs are great fun! I have not been able to do one for a couple of years..things keep coming up...mostly health issues and now my sons health issues. You will enjoy them though if your mom can go set up and you can join later. It's great to talk to people about what you love :)

  10. Closer stars are still stars! And I agree, diets can only start on Mondays. Sage words.

  11. Your jewelry is so refreshing... It's so different than mine! I like that... Tara * 3 Rexes