Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scrappy Hearts Done & Posted on Etsy!!

It was a battle between me, a stubborn beader, and Scrappy Hearts, a diabolic bracelet pattern. I can finally say that it's over and I HAVE WON. Oh sure, I thought I was finished before, until I saw that broken bead. And then, whilst fixing that area, I broke another...and another. But at long last I can finally say, victory is mine and Scrappy Hearts is up for adoption at ChezChani.

Friday, September 12, 2008


The temperatures in Las Vegas are dropping and so are our prices. All glass work and necklaces are currently an amazing 30 percent off. So please come buy..I mean by our Etsy shop ChezChani

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


First day of my weekend, stranded on the island of seed beads. I look out, I see nothing. How long can I go on?

My only form of sustenance, my beads and the Julie Ann Smith design, Scrappy Hearts. I can do this odd Odd Count. I can I can. No, I can’t. I won’t! Too much
I give up. Not worth the stress, an even count with a row of brick stitch looks just the same so why put myself through this?

Out damn seed beads. Have to start again. Okay, going fine now going fine going...not so fine. How did those amythest beads get mixed into the green beads? Out again. Well as long as I’m undoing I must be honest with myself. These colour combinations are yucky. I have to question my colour combining abilities. Perhaps Scrappy Hearts and I should take opposite spots on this island, live our days out alone. I’ve already given up on Odd Count, can I give up on Scrappy Hearts too and still be able to R E S P E C T myself? I will try one more time. You will not beat me Scrappy! (Sure is a lot of punctuation on this island.)

Fewer colours. Perhaps that is the secret to salvation. If Scrappy makes it out of this alive I will post a picture. IF.

(Pictured above, Spooky Kitties Bracelet. Design by Julie Ann Smith.)