Saturday, May 16, 2009

You Say It's Your Birthday

Etsybloggers has a Blog Carnival twice a month. Though one is only expected to do one a month I’ve made it my personal goal to do every one.

Then this one came along, and I almost decided, the heck with goals. But no, just ‘cause it’s a toughie doesn’t let me get out of it. It’s a choice between these subjects.

1. Tell me about your favourite birthday memory, gift, wish.
2. Show & Tell. Summer Line. What will you be making/showing in your shop through the summer.

I don’t really create for seasons, I create to fulfill my whims. My stuff is good year round and for all occasions (that’s what I tell myself so I won’t be bound by things like season.) So nothing to say on option #2.

Option #1. Is it pathetic that I don’t have ANY happy memories of my birthdays past? That my birthdays were just blah with one really miserable one that ended in tears? And why is it that I remember the miserable one and nothing much about the others? (Except that bakeries tended to make my cake pink when my mom specifically ordered blue, or the time I had a red cake.) Is it pathetic that I want nothing to do with my birthday? Is it pathetic that the only thing I like about birthdays is butter-cream icing? That I consider it a day to mourn the loss of my youth and little more? That I’ve never even considered taking the day off from work?

Thankfully it is but one day out of the year (albeit a day that comes faster and faster each year.)

Uh oh, the mourning may be starting early this year. Thanks Etsybloggers for bringing up this delightful subject.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Etsyblogger Of The Month: Create A Thought

Ok, I love Create a Thought’s blog. It’s so darn colorful! And it did create a thought. I thought, “Gee, I wish my blog was colorful.” Then I checked out the Create A Thought shop on Etsy. I thought, “I want everything here!”

Think for yourself.
Create A Thought Blog
Create A Thought Shop