Saturday, May 16, 2009

You Say It's Your Birthday

Etsybloggers has a Blog Carnival twice a month. Though one is only expected to do one a month I’ve made it my personal goal to do every one.

Then this one came along, and I almost decided, the heck with goals. But no, just ‘cause it’s a toughie doesn’t let me get out of it. It’s a choice between these subjects.

1. Tell me about your favourite birthday memory, gift, wish.
2. Show & Tell. Summer Line. What will you be making/showing in your shop through the summer.

I don’t really create for seasons, I create to fulfill my whims. My stuff is good year round and for all occasions (that’s what I tell myself so I won’t be bound by things like season.) So nothing to say on option #2.

Option #1. Is it pathetic that I don’t have ANY happy memories of my birthdays past? That my birthdays were just blah with one really miserable one that ended in tears? And why is it that I remember the miserable one and nothing much about the others? (Except that bakeries tended to make my cake pink when my mom specifically ordered blue, or the time I had a red cake.) Is it pathetic that I want nothing to do with my birthday? Is it pathetic that the only thing I like about birthdays is butter-cream icing? That I consider it a day to mourn the loss of my youth and little more? That I’ve never even considered taking the day off from work?

Thankfully it is but one day out of the year (albeit a day that comes faster and faster each year.)

Uh oh, the mourning may be starting early this year. Thanks Etsybloggers for bringing up this delightful subject.


  1. I don't like to create according to theme or season either. I do try to do some "holiday" jewelry but much prefer just making whatever I feel like making. And who likes birthdays after a certain age anyway?? My birthdays are always nice and I enjoy getting together with my mom and daughter but I can't think of any special memory attached to any particular one. I think I'd skip that Etsy challenge, too!

  2. I'm sorry you haven't had much in the way of happy birthday memories. Like Marjorie, I seem to ignore them more as the years pass. But I do tend to use them as a sign post to try and figure out where I'm going...if any where. LOL

  3. Age is just a number! And birthdays are just another day too... But I hear ya! Any chance for cake can't be all bad...
    ~Anna Lee

  4. Hey there girl, I have a birthday every day just because I want cake. Cake, cake, cake, caaakkkee! Wonderful cake. Gotta have my cake, and I like red. All kidding aside, you haven't missed much. I don't remember any good times in my life until I was 40, so don't let it get you down.

  5. Don't let it get you down. I didn't have any fun at any time in my childhood.

  6. Oh dear, I'm sorry you don't have great memories of at least some of your birthdays! I know I try to ignore them these days as now they just remind me of how old I'm getting!

  7. I don't have any particular memory either! And I do have the feeling that it's just another day... I think this feeling grows as time goes by...
    But I try to make it special, at least sharing it with the ones that I truly care about!

    Your birthday can be just one more day in the calendar, but the truth is that you should enjoy your life everyday... :)

  8. I don't even celebrate my birthday anymore! It makes it easier to forget your age! LOL! My daughter makes up for everything though coz she has to have a theme for every year. I haven't heard of this challenge {thank heavens! With my track record in blogging, no way!} but wish you all the best of luck in fulfilling it! :)

  9. I don't intentionally create according to season but the seasons can influence me as I often take my inspiration from what Mother Nature is up to. As for birthdays, why not honour it as a celebration of the fact that we are still on the planet. At my age, every morning I wake up is a GOOD day, even birthdays!

  10. Don't worry there are plenty like you who don't have many good birthday memories. I prefer to just let the day pass as a normal day.

  11. I can't remember anything special about my birthday either, except that we had cake. And when I was growing up, didn't eat cake, just pie. Homemade apple pie's my favorite. OK, I like carrot cake and cheese cake too!

  12. I celebrated my birthday with charity for 3 years now.. I went to give the orphan care house with the necessary things like milk, toys, food or money..


  13. I only have two good birthday memories. One was when I turned 16 and my friends at the movie theater I worked at made a huge deal of it and threw a surprise party in the theater after hours.

    The second was this year, when I turned 40. I had a craft show all that weekend, and I wore a very cool crown. I had customers that brought me cupcakes, a fairy wand -- it was fun.

    But that's it! You'd think that 40 years would have given me better memories than that!

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  15. Hey... butter cream icing in itself is a reason to celebrate! I like to celebrate it all year long ;)

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