Monday, November 30, 2009


I have just given notice at my job. I will be working in a brand new poker room in a brand new casino in a brand new multi-building, multi-purpose complex.

The new City Center features 5 different buildings, hotels, condos, restaurants, entertainment, and one casino called Aria.

And I am leaving my current place of work, a small locals casino in North Las Vegas, to go there.

For those counting, that's poker room number 8 in 6 years.

Am I doing the right thing? Of course nobody can see what the future holds. And even if it doesn't work out, does that automatically make it wrong to have tried? Is it ever wrong to try?

Everything is scary in today's Las Vegas. A new property means uncertain success, 90 days of probation, fear of overhiring...
Staying where I am means the fear of the room closing (business is very slow) and new people in upper management (they are already closing Keno in December.)

So...I don't know.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Weds. Black Friday. Cyber Monday

Boy has holiday shopping changed.

Starting at 12:01AM Weds, hereforth known as Black Wednesday, through Black Friday weekend and ending midnight of Cyber Monday, ChezChani is having a sale!

Buy one item, get one item (of equal or lesser value) half price. one item get 15% off.

Shipping remains at $1.50 within the US no matter how many items you buy!

ChezChani wishes everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and reminds you to OVEREAT.

buy handmade...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sales in the Wind

ChezChani will be joining other Etsians in Black Weds, and Black Friday Weekend Sales. Stay Tuned!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And The Winner Is...Ashley

Thanks to all who commented on my last blog about my wonderful swap buddy, Ola. Ashley is the lucky winner of a Daisy Music Box Pendant. Enjoy Ashley!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Music Boxes & Giveaway!!!

I recently joined a Swap Shop & Blog group. We were all assigned a partner. We swap items from our shops and blog about each other. My partner wrote a lovely piece upon receiving her items, for which I am extremely grateful. I received my amazing gifts in the mail just days ago and was so excited. I adore the sound of music boxes and the music box pendant is so unique. Rather than try to explain her work in my fumbling way, I have asked her to do it. After reading, I urge you to visit both her fabulous shops! (And make sure you read to the bottom for details on her giveaway...)


I sent you an item from each of my shops. The first is from my supply shop, Tuned Teeth Music Box Supply. It is a clockwork music box mechanism with a plated winding key.

The song it plays is called Anniversary Song and it's a famous Romanian tune and very old. In Europe it's called Waves of the Danube and in Korea it's known as The Psalm of Death (probably because of how soft and sad it sounds). Music box mechanisms are normally used by crafts people and other artists to put into traditional handmade boxes, sculptures, bears and stuffed toys or sometimes to repair old items.

The second gift in your package is from my studio site, Clockwork Fantastica. It is a miniature music box pendant from my "Fascination Collection". It's called Crossed Hearts (I think you can see why). I finished it by setting it with double brass bails on a reddish copper necklace. From start to finish it took me about 4 days to make and it's meant to last.

On the reverse side of the pendant there's a little brass key for you to wind. This operates the musical element and it plays a little waltz called Love Story.

I started making my musical pendants (as well as pins, pocket music boxes and other small items) shortly after my love affair with music boxes in general started and I began learning everything I could about them. They are a continual enchantment for me and I think for most people. There's something nostalgic and even a little bit mysterious about them, you know?

My music box jewelry is all designed and made by me and is created in small numbers. They are mainly available on my site and in person when I do shows.

The best way to get a jump on which shows I'll be attending and what new items are available is through my blog Plucked Pins where I announce everything like that.

The Giveaway
The winner of this giveaway gets one of these little Daisy music box pendants from the Clockwork Fantastica studio store (the winner gets to choose)!

You can enter this giveaway twice and double your odds by,

1. Commenting here about a particular item in the store that you like.

2 Following the Plucked Pins blog and posting comment here about what type of content you would like to see on Ola's music box blog.

This giveaway ends on Weds., November 11, 2009.