Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jannadu - Jannadu - U - U

Jannadu, your neon lights will shine
For you, Jannadu

Jann Alexander, the Jann behind the Jannadu, is a fellow Esmarts team member. I’m quite fond of Jann’s Etsy shop for the obvious reason. It has a cool name. No, that’s not the only reason. When you go to Jann’s storefront, what’s the first thing you notice? Go ahead, I’ll wait here.

The colours! Jann features an incredible array of bold, bright, vibrant colours. It’s like pulling up the blinds to a dazzling sunny morning.

Jann says her designs are for the Rubenesque woman (large and lovely.) I semi-agree. I think it’s for the larger woman OR the larger personality. Her pieces shout out confidence. Don’t really feel it inside? Doesn’t matter anymore when you wear a Jannadu work of art.

Find Jann on Etsy, Artfire, and at her blog entitled, Art & Artists/Me & My Friends. Very well titled indeed, as Jann truly is an artist.


  1. Must agree. Excellent shop. I love the colors as well. Anyone who specializes in styles for us rubenesque girls has my vote too.

  2. I checked out the store and you are so right, her use of color and flair is fantastic! It's wonderful when we see a new esmarts member with such skill! Teri

  3. Wow, these pieces are awesome. I just love the colors in that cuff!! TALENT!

  4. Very cool shop...! Thanks for posting link. I too love the cuff...peyote eludes

  5. Love the bracelet! The colors are so nice...",)