Saturday, July 26, 2008

Music or No Music, That is the Question

I'm curious what everyone thinks on the issue of music on blogs and sites. Today I was listening to some nice music on my computer (right now, Trailors For Sale or Rent) when I went to visit a blog. Suddenly my music was mixed in with some classic music. Needless to say, it did not mix well. Sometimes when I'm online, I also have the TV on. I can't hear the Golden Girls gems when I'm blasted with someone's music that is often not to my taste.

I guess you know where I stand on this issue. Now I like music as much as the next guy, without my music there is no way I could do 30 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill. But I just want to listen to one thing at a time, and when I'm in my home I should be able to choose it. I could turn off my speakers and in fact I rarely have them on but sometimes I'm listening to music or watching something on You Tube or my favourite, Desperate Housewives.

I do agree, for those fun montages and slide shows, music helps the whole affect. But if I'm trying to read your blog, music only serves to clutter my already cluttered mind. And if I'm shopping, well, same thing.

I believe we are too constantly bombarded by forced music/noise...elevators, casinos, inconsiderate people... Please, let me have some peace in my own home.

Back to our regularly scheduled jewelry stuff. I'm thinking chokers and anklets. Of course in peyote. Chokers will not be too difficult, in fact I sold one recently that was just a plain peyote band in silver lined crystal with a GORGEOUS Swarovski button closure that could be worn in the front or back. Oops forgot to take a picture. I've never worn chokers(aptly named) or anklets so I gotta get my thinkin' cap on. Where did I put it?


  1. Hi there!
    What a lovely and white are a winning combination to me. Can tell you put a lot of time into this one~ great choice for the focal...I love Cameos.
    As for music, I can take or leave it. I choose not to on my blog. Good question though. I guess “to each their own”. I don't think it would make me click out of a blog you can always hit the mute!

  2. I agree. I was particularly annoyed at a neighbor today who decided that I should listen - all day - to what apparently was music to him but was a lot of noise to me!! Music is a very personal thing and people should listen to their own music, when they want to, by themselves! Ipods and earphones are a great invention. :-)

  3. Thanks for the compliment, it's actually a bracelet and the cameo button is the closure. In the other pics on Etsy you can see it's a bracelet but I felt this picture showed off it's features well and was more interesting than just laying down.

  4. I agree that I don't like it when music is forced on you as you are surfing the web. In general I keep my mute button on. When I choose to hear something I just unmute.

    I do have some music on my blog on my profile page (of me singing! lol) but you need to click on it to play it.

    Teresa M.

  5. I read that it's bad marketing to have music on your site because it can make your site run slow. also not everyone likes it. If you do use it, you should make it very easy to turn it off. Like If I heard your 'trailers for sale or rent'..(Roger Miller "king of the road" right?) I woudl be horribly reminded of my step dad putting that on early Saturday morning when we were supposed to be able to sleep in finally! A big turn off lol!

    Now to answer you question from my blog post B-Side the Sea in Poole, England. Marina the owner found me. she was a customer of mine at first..then about 6 months or so later she told me she was going to start her own little shop and wanted to carry my jewelry :) I have had the good fortune to be found by a couple of wholesalers and a couple of large companies wanting corporate gifts. And here is another blog post that mentions the other company I did a corporate order for. You just never know who will find you on the internet!

  6. I find music on websites very annoying unless it's a link I choose to click. I think it's better to err on the side of caution and not force music on the viewer.

    The other reason not to have music on websites is because sometimes people will surf the net at work. Not that I would know anything about that. ;-)

  7. I agree about the music and had the same thing happen. I am very content, listening to my own music on my computer when I open a blog and that music streams in. There should be a button to turn that on if you choose to. I like quiet blogs! :)