Thursday, July 10, 2008

Las Vegas Bead Society (LVBS)

"The Las Vegas Bead Society was established to promote, support and encourage interest, education and involvement in beads and beadwork. We encourage members to share their knowledge and welcome new members to join."

This is from the Las Vegas Bead Society's webpage. I have been a member since February and have found it to be a wonderful group of people.

Maybe it's a beading thing, but in general beaders are a wonderful group of people. I have found this to be true on my beading email lists, my Etsy team (Esmarts) and with the LVBS. Even if I ever got over my beading obsession, I don't think I could leave the craft because I'd miss the supportive, generous, friendly people it attracts.

Now we've started the LVBS Yahoo Group, for members and non-members of the Las Vegas Bead Society. If you are a beader in the Las Vegas area, please join us at Yahoo.


  1. It certainly helps to have some locals with the same passions as you! I belong to great, supportive group here in Australia and it really helps :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! It's taken awhile but I'm starting to get the hang of it! I wish I had such cool groups where I live:)

  3. First I need to move to Las Vegas...then I would love to join that group of yours.

  4. You won it on Wheel of Fortune!? Thats so cool!

    Some of the plumerias smell remind me of juicy fruit gum :)

    I LOVE this ring by the way! Its awesome in black!