Tuesday, July 1, 2008

eSMArts Guild Team Blog

Just a quick post to tell you about the brand new eSMArts Team Blog.

What is eSMArts?

"The Etsy Social Marketing Arts Guild (eSMArts Guild) is a global collaborative of mixed media artisans intent on further understanding and applying eCommerce advertising and promotion techniques. Our mandate is to foster friendship, creativity, connection, inspiration, discussion and plenty of cross promotion via implementing social marketing principles in order to drive traffic to our Etsy storefronts and other sales sites."

I didn't come up with that, thanks to our group leader!

The blogs will be written by various members on a rotating basis. My entry will appear on July 9...or 10 if I'm dragging my keyboard. It should be a fun and informative blog to look in on weekly.

That's the good news. The bad news is now I'll have to come up with original (or borrowed and reformatted) material for 2 blogs.

ChezChani thanks you for your support.
(Picture above is our newest item in our Etsy shop, made by Roz.)


  1. Just can't let you not have a comment. Well done. Wish I thought of doing it. ESmarts is fun too.

  2. Don't worry about coming up with what to post on the team blog, it will just come to you when the time comes. From what I can tell from your blog you will do just fine!

    I do like your items, and thank you also for explaining where your shop name comes from.