Thursday, November 27, 2008

Miss Lilith & Daughter

Do mother/daughter teams run in the family? They just might. My niece has decided that she has to start an Etsy shop with her mom's delicious handmade jewelry. I've always been envious of Lilith's artistic ability and that continues with her jewelry line which you can find at . Miss Lilith is an amazing artist but is clueless with computers so her brilliant and beautiful daughter, Shiran, is running the show. You can read all about it at


  1. She does beautiful clip ons! I will remember her for when I get asked about clip ons..I don't do those and w/ her using pearls like she customers would probably be attracted to her stuff as well.

    You have a lot of talent in your family!

  2. Talented family. Her earrings are gorgeous and the shop looks great. I wish her all of the luck in the world with is

  3. Aunt Elayne and Saftah, you both are the best! Thank you for your support!!

  4. Fabulous Etsy shop. I'm sure she'll do very well there.

  5. Very very pretty!!! Love her shop!

    Hope things are going wonderfully for you both!