Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Princess Dandelion & Sweet Pea

The Roz half of ChezChani got tired of coming home to an empty house. So off to the Nevada SPCA we went to find her one good kitty. It's difficult to leave there with one good kitty, and we did not manage it. We left with two. Dandelion, aka Dandy, is approx. 7 months old, and incredibly sweet. Sweet Pea is approx. 3 months. The vet tells us she is part Calico and part Siamese which I happen to think is the best possible combination. My Izzy is a Calico, and my Mandy, was a Chocolate Point Siamese and I defy you to find a sweeter cat then either of them!

The SPCA is such a great place, you cannot sit down without cats piling up all over you. I do encourage everyone to consider an adult cat when adopting as they are harder to place. Everyone wants a kitten. So a great compromise? One of each!!


  1. Congrats on your new furbabies! They look so sweet..would love to see a closer up or bigger picture of them though.

    So you defy me huh? lol! I don't Crashy is so sweet that he won't hardly play..all he wants is love and pur..constantly. But he does love a mousey toy with catnip..although that just makes him squirm like a worm on the ground and then purr more..oh and his leather string..big fat cat looks so funny playing with it lol!

  2. sweet they are! Congrats on the new additions. I totally agree with you about the kittens. Our Jack is 6 months old according to the vet. We knew the 8 week old we were looking at would get adopted. It's always nice to pick the older kitties. I think they are more appreciative!! Enjoy your new furbabies.

  3. Congratulations on the new additions to your family! How I wish my two would get along like that. Mine are both sweet kitties but not to each other! I agree about adopting older cats from pounds - they definitely deserve a second chance.

  4. How cute is that photo! Can't kitties just be adorable :)

  5. Aww so cute! I want them, can I get visitation?

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