Saturday, October 18, 2008

Safe Haven For Donkeys In The Holy Land (SHADH)

I had to make this bracelet, a Barbara Ellis design, in honour of a very worthy charity. This is information from the SHADH website:

Donkeys have been used as beasts of burden in Israel for the past 5000 years. They can be bought there for as little as 100 shekels - that's about £15 - and because they are so inexpensive, very little value is attached to their well being. Absolutely no veterinary care is given to sick or injured donkeys, since in most cases it would be cheaper to buy a new animal. For this reason when they are sick, injured, too old or surplus to requirements they are turned out and left to fend for themselves - quite often tied to a post without food or water and left to die. Many stray donkeys suffer from direct abuse and torture.

A group of children found a stray donkey and for fun, they doused him with petrol and set fire to him. Another group of teenagers decided they could make use of a stray donkey for their summer holidays. Later the same day, they either got bored or decided they had nowhere to keep the donkey so they killed him by hammering nails into his head. Other donkeys are luckier, they are taken to landfill sites and left out like rubbish.

Founded by Miss Lucy Fensom, Safe Haven For Donkeys In The Holy Land (SHADH) is a UK-registered charity of dedicated people who are devoted to achieving a common goal; to provide help for the donkeys of Israel, to improve their status and promote their welfare through education.

Based at Moshav Gan Yoshiyya, near the towns of Netanya and Hadera in Israel ( Click Here to see map of area ), SHADH offers a new concept in the protection and welfare of donkeys and mules in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, with a structure managed on the strength of charity registration in the UK, and registered in Israel as a foreign charity. This Safe Haven for donkeys relies entirely on donations to continue this work.


  1. That is just sick..I can't believe the ways people can treat animals. Those poor donkeys!

  2. That is a beautiful bracelet. Great detail.

    That is so sad, I can't imagine such a thing.

  3. Beautiful bracelet - and such a worthy cause.

  4. omg- i didn't know any of this. thank you for writing about it. the bracelet is really pretty. i just stopped from sits to say hi!

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  6. That is so sad for the donkeys and the children, as well, who are likely to grow up to do much worse. That is a wonderful bracelet. Maybe someday I'll learn some peyote stitch. Is it very difficult?

  7. What a horrific end of life these donkeys have! Thank you for being so generous and support this worthy cause.