Thursday, October 9, 2008

Customer Disservice

I work in the Casino Industry in Las Vegas. Just got an email from a friend who works at a major strip property telling me about all the layoffs.

Businesses panic in times of recession but one has to ask oneself, is laying people off really for the greater, and long run, good? What will make one casino stand out from another in a time when there are less players to fight over? A. The company that has better deals and B, (and maybe B. should be A.) Customer service.

Granted smaller companies may not be able to make their payroll these days, and laying people off may be their only chance of survival.

I am an Embarq customer. Have been for some time. I also have dish network. Wondering if a switch to something else will save me money. Perhaps Cox Cable though I've never cared for their advertising practices. If I should switch my TV service, perhaps I could get the best deal by switching my high speed internet as well. But last week I had a problem with my DSL. It took just a phone call to get it resolved, Embarq made some changes, got me back online and promptly sent me a new modem. A small mention of this in my blog led to a comment by an Embarq customer service rep, letting me know to contact them if there is any problem. Then, an Embarq guy started following me on Twitter, also telling me to let them know if there is any problem. And you know what? As a result, I will not even consider leaving Embarq. Why? CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I was working in a large poker room of one of the largest casino companies. A customer was trying to get through on the phone, to the front desk to see if his room was ready. Not having any luck I offered to call the Diamond Lounge to see if they could find out (that is the lounge for higher limit players.) I could not get through either. The man said “this is ridiculous, I’m never staying here again, I’ll stay at the Wynn.” So this major company saved, say $8 an hour on an extra employee at the desk or lounge, but lost a big player. Now this company shoves the customer service concept down it’s employees throats like I’ve never seen anywhere else, but doesn’t provide the manpower to achieve it.

Eventually, things will get better, but the customer who did not receive the service they deserve, will already be gone and comfy in the place that treated them properly. And they will not come back.

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  1. I hear ya on this one. It is such a tough call on some small companies like where I work. There's no guarantee whether we'll stay or get hacked off like everyone else. Tightening the belt meant getting rid of excess weight- dang! anyway, good sales pitch there! Everyone should buy from us etsyians! lol!

  2. This is a very good subject and one that companies should consider before they make decisions like that. Sadly there are many other types of businesses that people work for that don't have a lot to do with customer service and so with not as many sales for these companies their employees are not needed. Like here at Maui Pine..they layed of 250 people. Thats a LOT of people that need to feed their families. Very sad.

  3. Customer service is important and I think that's what will keep small businesses and independent artists going this holiday season. People appreciate that little extra touch.

  4. I know that some cats love to curl up in the bathroom sink - but I've never had one that does! Sure looks comfy though!

  5. Lack of customer service is one my big gripes with business. Also what they say and what they do can clash ALOT. $$ are important but if the difference is not that much, I will happily stay with the business with great customer service.

  6. So true... customers are why we are in business!!! What you describe is exactly what happens when they are not cared for! Opportunity for someone else!!!

  7. TOTALLY agree with you! I used to be a trainer for customer service for a major national country. Especially in times like these, customer service is so important for those who are willing to spend their money.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog on Friday when it was featured on SITS! I just got in town and visiting everyone now. Love your blog!


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