Thursday, October 23, 2008


...But I was tagged so Tag’s the game.Tammy Powley is the one to blame so don’t look at me! Check out her wonderful blog, The Crafty Princess.

1. I get very upset at those seemingly adorable pictures of cats playing with wool. Mandy, my adorable, tiny, Chocolate-Point Siamese did that once. She ate some and because she couldn’t bite it off she kept eating it. It wrapped around her intestines. She needed surgery, but because she was so small, she never woke up out of the anesthesia.

2. I have a secret fantasy about living in the country. I would like to live within smelling distance of a horse. I don’t really think this will/should happen... it’s a fantasy.

3A. When playing a poker tournament, I will always chop at the end however I will never initiate a chop as I have a fear of rejection.
3B. I have a fear of rejection.

4. I love anecdotes (def: A short account of an interesting or humourous incident.) Here’s my favourite. One day I was driving in the Santa Monica mountains with my two roommates. Naturally the radio reception went out so I popped in a tape (remember tapes?) Roommate One who shall remain nameless says “Oh, the tape works in the mountains. I must remember that.”If Roommate Two who shall remain nameless had not been there to confirm, I would have thought I had hallucinated it. (Perhaps I’ll share my Madonna anecdote with you in the future.)

5. My biggest regret? Capping my front tooth.

6. I used to have an amazing memory. No longer.

7. I used to have an amazing memory. No longer.

Alternate ending:

6. I can only count to six.


I was remiss and I apologize. In a past blog entry “Customer Disservice” I failed to introduce you to the cats in the photo. Pat and Vanna (L-R) are Anthony’s furry kids. I know what you’re thinking, but Anthony really is straight. One of the things we have in common is that we were both on Wheel of Fortune (before we met.) It was a highlight of his life. I barely remember mine. Except I won a trip to Hawaii on the puzzle “Harry S. Truman.”


  1. I'm just going to guess that you will never let roommate #1 every forgot that. Thanks for the laugh!

    Coming from SITS!

  2. You are too much!!! When you get your memory back, you'll have to tell us more.

  3. Hi! Stopping by from SITS. My husband is in Vegas as we speak! You have some nice pieces on this site! This was a cute post! Thanks for the laugh!

  4. So funny Chez! Hope Roommate 1 reads and recognizes herself here!