Thursday, June 19, 2008

Swarovski Crystal Frame Ring

I saw a picture of a ring like this in the Fire Mountain Gem Catalogue and I just had to make it. I am going to be making it in lots of colours because I just like it so much. Very comfy too. It will be on my Etsy site soon, at just $15. I'm also at work on a bracelet with little windows, in each window will be a Swarovski crystal. I love Swarovskis, there are those that would prefer them over diamonds. They have amazing sparkle, the best crystal you can buy. Should be ready in a few days and I'll post a pic.
It's my Sunday so I'm trying to get stuff done as well as just relaxing and doing what I want. It's another balmy day in Las Vegas, in the low 100's. BUT IT'S A DRY HEAT.


  1. Hi Elayne, That design is way cool and I can't wait to see more versions! What type of band is that?
    -Anna Lee

  2. It is a Peyote Stitched Band. I'm ordering more Crystal Frames this coming week. Thanks!!

  3. That is a really cool ring!

    Thanks for your comment too on my blog :)


  4. Love the ring!!! I think they will do brilliantly on Etsy! Are you sure you can sell them that cheaply? They look like quite a bit of work!

    Colour combos will come in time - a lot of it is trial and error or happy mistakes!!! Maybe you will be more successful with the colour wheel than I am :)

  5. Thanks Annette, that ring is actually one of my quicker to make items. Most of my stuff takes a long long time.
    Might take out that colour wheel to come up w/something for my argyle bracelet.

  6. Very cool ring. You'll have to show some of the different color combos you come up with!