Saturday, June 14, 2008


Don't have a lot of time but I would be remiss if I did not introduce my two furry babies. That is Izzy and BamBam. Izzy is short for Isadorabelle, because she is adorabelle. Bam Bam came indirectly from the pound in Los Angeles and Izzy the Las Vegas Humane Society. They have a message they'd like to me tell everyone. They think it's very unfair that when people want to adopt a kitty they always go for the kittens. "People, the kittens are easier to place so find it in our heart to get a grown kitty." The kitten stage is not that long so you aren't missing that much. And when you adopt a grown kitty, they are forever appreciative of their home and their family. And never go to a pet store! And keep your cats indoors for a longer healthier life. So that's it for today. Meow.


  1. Thank you for introducing your furbabies, they are adorable! We got our furbaby cat from the pound also; Topanga was about a year or more old, found abandoned bu had not been out long and was not claimed. Our dog, a big goofy Lab named Turbo (we got him from a woman we met when picking up NatGeos magazines for our son's school- she was moving an had no where to place her b month old 60 pound puppy, so hubby took him along with the mags), went to her cage and it was love at first sight for the 2 of them. For the first week she would only come out of her hiding spot for him; after that she was all mine even though it was my daughter that wanted her. @ years later she is sitting here on my desk as close to the keyboard as she can get without sleeping on top of it.

    I've been to your Etsy site, I believe you may have been to mine to, but if not I'll include my link. Please come on by and visit the store and my blog also.

    It's been very nice to meet you.
    Carlotta's Celebration Creations
    Come join my Creative Circle

  2. Glad to hear happy furry stories. My Izzy is fast asleep in front of my monitor right now.
    Your stuff on Etsy is lovely and very different. I don't know where your blog is though, let me know.

  3. Isadorabelle indeed! Love that name...

  4. Love your furbabies. Our furbabies are chihuahuas

  5. It's very nice to meet Izzy and BamBam! I'll have to put up photos of my kitties on my blog so you can see them. Patches, my sweet calico, is 15 years old and she's been my companion since she was a kitten. Dickon is 8 years old and I adopted him from our local pound when he was a year old. He had been at the shelter for 4 months.

    I totally agree with you about adopting grown pets from shelters. They have a much harder time finding a home than kittens do.

    I'll let you know as soon as I get my blog written about my babies.

  6. I've added my blog about my two cats if you'd like to take a look:

    I love those two little guys! :-)

  7. How cute (and very true)... I adopted 2 fuzzies last year after I finally got over the passing of my first from kidney failure. They were both 4 years old and had grown up together, and I couldn't bear the idea of someone coming along and wanting only 1. There was a kennel full of kittens that were getting the most attention, but I knew Little and Biggie (yeah, I know... not very imaginative names :) ) were meant to come home with me. Now, I can't imagine them NOT being there. Good for you for spreading the word!

    (If interested: my sweet Little and Biggie monster

  8. Erin, did you paint those pictures? I LOVE those pictures, they are amazing.

  9. Oh, I WISH I were a painter. (Tried one-stroke, watercolours, acrylics... Unless it's a paint-pen, it's not happening. I can barely manage paint-by-numbers. I don't like coloring within the lines.) I used Photoshop for the effects then printed them on textured watercolour paper for some notecards. I thought they turned out looking quite nice with their funny faces. :)

  10. Oh wow, I wish I knew more about photoshop. I would love to do some of my cats. I have a very old edition of Photoshop and I know nothing about it.

  11. Adorable! I have to agree with your kitties. My almost 11 year old cat is so loving and she wasn't always like that when she was a kitten:)