Thursday, June 12, 2008

Check out our Etsy Site

Chezchani is the mother/daughter team of Roz and Elayne. Roz is currently into glass and wire wrapping. Elayne is mad about Peyote Stitch. But just how much of this stuff can one person wear? So it's time to offer our work to you. Please check out our site at And if the stuff gives you ideas, let us know. Custom work is welcome. Custom colours, designs, sizes. Elayne can design rings, bracelets, small pet necklaces with names or initials. And keep checking, we'll add our newest work as fast as we make it. Which isn't that fast because handmade pieces like ours take time as well as love. Wanna talk to us?


  1. Hi Roz and Elayne,
    It's great to get to know you! And I hope you will find our eSMArtsTeam inspiring and motivating.

    Kudos for getting this blog and your etsy storefront all polished up. I love them! and keep up the good work.
    -AnnaLee H. in Toronto

  2. Everything is very creative & nice looking, your kitties are also very beautiful & they look very happy.

  3. Welcome to eSMArts Team. I love that you are working together as mother and daughter in different jewelry mediums!

    Teresa M.

  4. Congratulations on your new shop. May you have many sales.

  5. I agree Teresa. It's so cool that the two of you work together! Will we meet Roz on the eSMArts forum?

  6. Thanks to all for the good wishes! I don't think Roz will get involved in the forums, I'd have to teach her how and who has time?? Must bead :-)

  7. Oh my, you two have PATIENCE. I can see that by the wonderful seedie and wire work. Kudos to you!!

  8. ahh, hello there artsy people! I like what you all have to say, such nice comments!

    so I like your beads Elayne. Please do expound on the peyote thing... and your mothers pieces are fine indeed!! (Best take that at face value :-) )

    @AnnaLee are you by chance Jamaican?? I understand your people are migratory.... is this true?

    so, since I am here I would like to commission a bronze statue of myself, roughly 3/4 scale, so if any of you know someone please let me know.

  9. Steve, pithy, as expected. Anna Lee, don't even try to understand.

  10. Hi Roz & Elayne.
    Thanks for the nice comments, yes both of us sketch, Lara is taking a diploma course in Pet Portraits with the London Art College and I am a botanical artist.
    Your blog is coming on very well you have some really inovative pieces up there!