Thursday, July 28, 2011

Long Time & The Temple Of Flora

It's appalling that I have not posted anything here since May! Of course the end of May through the beginning of July is one of the busiest times in the Las Vegas poker world. But now the WSOP (World Series Of Poker) has come and gone and things have slowed drastically.

At home my little Izzy has become a little high maintenance, due to her kidney disease. IV 3 times a week, a Pepcid once a day, high Iron vitamin twice a day...

But I shall always squeeze in some crafting and I'm currently going crazy with scrabble tiles and dominos. I can finally make my own pictures so I just wanted to show you the Temple Of Flora series I've just completed. Soon to be seen on Etsy.


  1. These are really beautiful. I love the colors in the tiles. Great job! Hope little Izzy does well with her treatment. I commend you for giving her IV. That would be a real struggle for me.

  2. Very nice dominos .how did yiu put the flowers on them? They are so pretty.

  3. These are really great--colorful and feminine.....I think anyone would love one!

  4. I love those pendants - are they selling well?