Thursday, May 5, 2011

eBay Fever!

I'm getting the "sell sell SELL" fever again. My reasons are twofold. It helps me get rid of some really nice things that I just don't wear/use. And now, it is helping me with my Buy A Used or Refurbished DSLR fund.

I love cameras. Don't know why. Had a lovely Nikon SLR when I was in college (still have it) that I rarely used. I did take a photography class but discovered my favourite part was being in the darkroom. Once I moved to LA, I never got back into the darkroom.

Then the age of digital brought me my $1200 Sony digicam. I'm frugal but sometimes, I just want it and I get it. Never really learned how to use that one properly. Still have it, could fetch $100 on eBay on a good day. Might end up there soon. Mostly right now I'm using my little Kodak Point and Shoot.

But I got hit with a yen for a DSLR. I learned from the Sony though, don't spend so much! I figure a two or three year old DSLR would be fine for me. Real camera buffs probably upgrade and update fairly often.

Long story short, check out my ebay auctions. Currently I have a really great suit that I don't wear because skirts don't look good with Shape-ups, and some perfume that is very popular but smells like bug spray to me.

Oh, and if you have any recommendations on good cameras, or places to buy used or refurbished, let me know. Thanks!


  1. We're definitely thinking alike here - I haven't tried to sell anything on eBay in over a year and just put some items up, too. Good luck with yours!

  2. Did you do good at Ebay? I've only tried to sell my own made jewelry when I want to clearance it off and I have a friend that always comes on and buys it all lol! I have a few items I'd like to put on Ebay..but have been being lazy about it.

    about the octopus are the second person who has told me they never saw octopus jewelry before. I always see it made by other jewelry artists on etsy and artfire..I see it on Tshirts a lot too. Just do a search on etsy for octopus jewelry and a ton will come up!