Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a place of felted and fabric goodness!

Miesmama's shop on Etsy really is filled with felted goodness! Headbands, bag, bowls...just a whole lot of really cool stuff made out of felt. Who'd have thunk it?

Check it out, and then visit Miesmama Blog:
a creative journal of a mother's passion for things handmade.


  1. I think felt must be one of the nicest materials to work with - so soft. Thanks for letting us know about this shop - great stuff!

  2. Very cool!

    And hey, if you want to use my photo you commented on on your Scrabble pendants, you're welcome to! Let me know if you need a high res file -- email me at lori at lorianderson.net

  3. Those are so wonderful! I just love working with felt, such beautiful colors.

  4. Yep, clothes dryers aren't a given here. I've never owned one and most people around here don't have one. If they do they are only used very occasionally. We are mid winter at the moment and although the washing may take a couple of days to dry completely, it gets there (if it doesn't rain).

    Dryers are more popular of course in cities with apartments and higher density housing.

  5. Such beautiful work! I like the bag best. And the log home it's attached to. We have a log home too. LOL

  6. Cute! I love felted items! this is something I want to learn.