Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yet Another Summer-Related Blog

It's Etsyblogger carnival time (yes, I missed some, sue me.)

Share your favorite Summer Recipe!

Tall glass
lemonade (pink or yellow)
straw (optional)

Put ice in tall glass. Pour in lemonade and vodka.

Makes one serving.

On another subject, I'm so very into my resin jewelry. No bottle cap is safe! I'll post some when I get some pictures done.


  1. That sounds really refreshing ... and rather alcoholic ;)

  2. Hmm, I like the recipe! I've tried resin once and have tons more ideas, but don't take the time!!! But I love your ring, can't wait to see more. Teri

  3. Frozen lemonade! Starbucks made it last year but looks like they aren't doing it this year?

  4. We or at least I won't sue you because you did one each month. In fact as soon as I get it written you are the EtsyBlogger Mini Monday feature on the team blog.

  5. Beautiful Creations, keep up the great work!!!!!

  6. ooh yummy...that sounds great on a hot day. The mojito I had today was pretty amazing tho..I'm thinking of getting the makings for some of those to take to the beach =P So you started a new craft? Awesome! I've been so out of the blogsphere again I need to get caught up with everybody.