Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Summer Time Summer Time Sum Sum Summer Time

EtsyBloggers carnival time agains. Summer's here. Tell us about summer in your neighborhood. Do you have permanent sunshine and palm trees or do you cherish every little ray of sunshine?? What is your favorite part of summer?? Do you barbecue?? Do you wear dresses and sandals?? Are you out of school already??

Summer in Las Vegas.

I get really really hot and complain about it alot. Then I go into the casino where they are blasting the air, get very cold, and complain about that.

I go to the pool on my day off, in the afternoon, to get out of the heat of my craft room which faces west and is sweltering by 3:00 despite the window film I paid a pretty penny on to keep out some of the heat. Of course I bring projects with me to the pool because as with all seasons, I spend every spare second I can working on my stuff.

I polish my toenails so they can be treated to daylight and fresh air.

I can't set up the gas tank for my BBQ because the place where I have to put my bbq gets no shade and I'm afraid of it bursting. I called the gas company and they said it should have some shade to be on the safe side.

Did I mention I complain about the heat alot???


  1. Summer in New York City is generally not fun. I hate humidity! I prefer summer in the Adirondacks. It can be buggy sometimes, but it smells wonderfully woodsy. You just have to be careful of the thunderstorms. I also have to try not to over plan the garden. My husband has finally agreed to let me have the old wagon as a planter. Yay!

  2. I complain about the heat all the time! I live in Florida currently and actually it's the humidity that I can't take.
    I am moving to Las Cruces, NM in August however, to be closer to my 82 yr.old dad who is alone now, and am looking forward to drier heat, if not less heat. :)

  3. Summer is my least favorite season and I complain about the heat a lot, too! Gets so muggy and humid here in NJ. But I'm sure you have it even worse! I leave in a beach tourist area and it gets so crowded and noisy. Is it September yet??

  4. I would love to live out west in the desert, although I'm sure the heat would make me complain! But the lack of humidity that we "enjoy" in the river valley is terrible, and I don't like winter at all. Enjoy your warm days, stay cool my friend. Teri

  5. Summer used to be trips to the shore every weekend, living in the trailer and enjoying the sunshine. I miss those times so much. Due to the economy our home away from home is in storage. So, I do craft fairs, make jewelry and work online. Not nearly as much fun!

  6. I complain if it gets over 70 degrees!

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  8. My fav. seasons are spring and autumn (fall) - I get too hot in summer and too cold in winter LOL. But in summer out here, its basically hot (like Arizona desert type hot). We have no airconditioning, just fans so you tend not to wear too much and jump in and out of the pool to keep from overheating too much. You get soooo tired from the heat. You can't be bothered eating or cooking (but you do). Washing dries in an instant. And the sky is vivid blue day in, day out.

  9. cute post! I know Vegas must be hotter that southwest Oklahoma, so I won't complain...