Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How Does My Garden Grow?


Etsy Bloggers ask, “Spring has sprung, what would your dream garden look like?

My dream garden would feature lavender, tomatoes, peas, various other vegetables as well as an array of herbs. Sunflowers running along the walls.

Unfortunately I’m awake and my garden is more of a nightmare. It’s a shame really. It’s big enough to grow many things I like, yet small enough for one person to tend to.

In my dream garden is a dream gardener who, out of the kindness of his/her heart, sets it all up, leaves me detailed instructions and checks on it periodically. Or someone who loves to garden but lives in an apartment and takes total control of my garden for a 50/50 split.

Apply within.


  1. I can't imagine how hard a garden would be to grow out watering I just planted mine last week, tomatoes, peppers, green onions, corn and yellow squash...!

  2. My hubby loves to garden so he does it all for me and asks that I water once in a while ..I love it :)

    Accept now we are moving so he's let it kinda go wild. We will take some with us..but not a lot of room at the new place. Plus fence has goats on other I imagine they will eat anything near the fence line! haha!

    We started our tomatoes a bit ago..but they are looking really sad..I will have just one cherry tomato ripe enough for eating in a few days lol!

  3. Haha, I especially like the dream gardener part! I need one of those too. I plant things and then usually kill them. I do not have a green thumb, but my lavender does well, its hard to kill.

  4. Yeah, I'm a bit like that with my garden. I weeded it the other day - a very rare occurance - but felt so much better for doing it. Won't make me do it again any time soon, of course!

  5. I really understand how you feel. I really don't mind the actual planting of the garden but I sure hate to weed. Where is my grandmother when I need her. She loved to weed, god bless her.

  6. Wish I could be of help but no green thumb here! Way, way back when we got our first house, I had a little veggie garden, tomatoes of course, but then I had corn and pumpkins of all things! The corn didn't grow, but I did have tomatoes and a couple of pumpkins. Do you know that you have to keep turning the pumpkins as they grow, or they come out lopsided and flat on one side?

  7. I used to be a fabulous gardener, and then I discovered beads!

  8. Heh--I think your second description would be my dream garden--i'd love ot have one, but hate to take care of them ;)

  9. Chez, my dream garden comes with a gardener, maybe 2---the kid on Desperate Housewives, maybe?? Anyway, I leave gardening to my sister, the "country" girl of the 2 of us and stick to the veggie aisle at the grocery store! Teri

  10. I'd love to apply! Only a bit too much of a commute. Gardening is so rewarding. I bet if you gave it a try, you'd be hooked!

  11. Marjorie,

    How much are you willing to bet?

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