Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The 99.99999 Cent Store?

When you shop at The 99 Cent Store now, you'll notice the items ringing up at $1.00 It seems they've changed their prices from 99 cents to 99.9 cents. Or 99.99. Or 99.999. I'm not sure. At first I thought that was pretty clever. I mean, with prices going up, what's a simple 99 cent store to do? Some of the volume items changed. Six soft drinks used to be 99 cents and then it was four for 79 cents. I guess that wasn't enough so they did the whole .9999999999 thing.

As I thought about it, I liked it less and less. It kind of makes me angry in fact. It's deceitful and shouldn't even be legal. The shelves say 99 cents. Not 99.999999cents. Could this practice spread? The prices posted would be the price posted OR the price posted plus.9999999999999999. It's similiar to gas stations but with gas stations it says it right up there 9/10.

Okay I know it's only a penny, but there is a principle here and I shop at that store fairly often and all those pennies will add up. I'd be really curious how much more The 99 Cent Stores makes with their ill-gotten gains.


  1. I Share your pain!
    Also thought you should know that at first I thought the earrings pictured in the post were sold at the .999999 cent store. It was only for a split second, but sometimes that's all the longer a reader spends on a page.
    Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog
    and earlier and leaving a comment.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. You should email the company, see what they say!

  3. Hey Elayne, I'm moving to Vegas with you and save 1/100th of a cent on everything I buy...they are all $1.00 stores here.

  4. Those a really pretty earrings! All bright and colorful for spring!

  5. hahaha! Love this post! I seem to recall we had a 'dollar store' and not one thing was a dollar. I cant' remember if that was just the name local people called it..or if it was really called that. Things were at least a couple bucks and on up. Deals for junk of course..but fun for kids for little toys and stuff. Probably some snack items were under a buck.

    I really love the earrings in your picture..they are soooo pretty!