Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sad Carousel

Jackie has photo tagged me! Obviously I must be pokey as I keep getting tagged. I can walk fast but forget running away. This is the game where you pick the 6th photo from the 6th file, post and blog. Don't panic. I will not name names again, but please, consider posting your picture and story. It really is kind of fun. And check out Jackie's blog, Pink Diamond Workshop. It's pink and delicious, with no added colours or preservatives!

And now, I present, Sad Carousel. Off in the corner of some casino in Reno we found this bunch of carousel horses just laying there. Why were they there? I do not know. But a sad picture it was.


  1. you are a popular lady! such a sad picture isnt it.

  2. I like this tag's funny to see what picture comes up. But I don't get how it can work if we tag the same people again because won't the 6th folder with the 6th file always be the same picture?

    Your photo is quite interesting lol! and sad! Maybe the little carousel horsie got tired?

  3. I've always loved carousel horses. Collected small figurines for awhile. I hope someone gives that horsey a home soon!

  4. Aw, that is a sad photo. I thought it was a dog at first. Glad it's a carousel horse.

  5. I loved The Sixth Folder/Sixth Picture tag -- I did it just the other day. I found a photo I had totally forgotten about!

  6. Oh that is sad :( Great idea for a tag though!