Monday, January 12, 2009


1. Why does Bam Bam poop overboard everytime? He’s 13 yrs old, shouldn’t he know where his back end is by now?

2. Why would a 2/4 limit Hold’Em player, who constantly mutters grumbles and swears under his breath, and throws his cards when he loses, continue to play day after day?

3. How does one get cat hair off a hot glue gun?

4. Why do my blinds open from the middle while my windows open from the side?

5. Why is my hair getting all knotty this winter?

6. Why do miserable people choose misery?

7. Why can’t I burn wood in my gas fireplace?

.....What are YOUR 7 wonders today? .....


  1. lol..Bam Bam is your cat right? He missed the catbox?

    I'm not quick enough to think of 7 wonders all up front like that..but I'm sure things will start coming to me now that you asked heheh!

  2. 1. Why do people think I can better handle the cold in New England because I'm from Canada?

    2. How come people don't understand why someone may want to keep some things private? Which is different from having secrets!!

    3. Why is it that whenever someone asks me what I do for a living, and I say I make jewelry, I never am wearing anything to show them.

    4. Why does my dog Eddie always smell his "personals" after I hug him?

    5. How is that whenever I see a wonderful bird or animal, my camera is always in the other room?

    6. Why is it that some people who say they are non-violent still hunt?

    7. Why does time seem to move so fast sometimes, and so slow at other times?

    There you go, my 7 wonders today.

  3. LOL! That gave me a good laugh for the day, and btw, LOVE the earrings. Great for the person addicted to cards, like the man listed at #2 in your 7 wonders! :D

    Creations by JAE

  4. I'm just laughing like crazy at the cat hair/glue gun -- at first, I was wondering what you were decking your cat out with that you needed glue for!

  5. Some of your questions make me wonder where exactly your mind can go--maybe that's my 1st wonder lol. Funny, but I do like the earrings! Here, in Louisville, U of L school mascot is Cardinals, often called Cards. They would love these! Teri Twitter: Teri_B

  6. So many questions in the world and so few answers.

  7. No. 1 is funny. That's my dilemma right now. Things to do with poop! ack!

    Zen Ventures
    Tosty Brown

  8. hey it's me again :) I'm answering your question over on my blog about why do people hang out in their garages for parties here...

    To tell you the truth I'm not sure why the tradition started here of having parties in the thing that comes to mind though is perhaps because it's so hot and the cool air felt good..maybe too because many here have smaller places since housing here is so there isn't a lot of room in the houses for a lot of people. I know at this house in the picture..there is a lot of room in the huge living room, but that is upstairs and it's really hot up there.

    plus we barbeque a lot and the barbeque is in the garage. Though there was no bbq'ing at this party..lots of good food though..kalua turkey, ribs, chow fun....yummmm

    And the garages here aren't anythign special for hanging out. I can see why w/ the cat pee you would not want to be in your garage. But many here are full of stuff too. Lots of them will have picnic tables in them instead of a car..ready for Aloha Friday!

  9. LOL - I like your wonders - all very valid!

  10. Ahh #2, because he thinks tomorrow will be the day! Oh and you have now been "tagged", come by and see what it's all about.

  11. my hair has een getting really knotty this winter too! it almost goes into dreads! it is weird it has never been so knotty before!