Monday, December 15, 2008

Weird White Stuff Falling From the Sky!

We interrupt our irregularly unscheduled blog to bring you...SNOW! What's the big deal you say? Well this is Las Vegas, home of 110 degree summers and cactus and wind. Not snow! The last time I saw snow here was when I first came to town and camped out in my mom's guest room. I slept through it actually falling from the sky but I did see on the ground and cars. Snapped a quick picture from the window of my guest room. It's still coming down and no sign of slowing down. I'm so excited.

I actually miss snow...who'd have thunk it.


  1. Oh, I can understand missing snow. I love seeing that white stuff falling from the sky! As long as I don't have to go out in it, that is! And I always have a problem shoveling the driveway. And of course driving's a challenge. But even with all that, I love the stuff. Enjoy it while you can! It was over 60 degrees here in New Jersey today - felt like spring. Very strange.

  2. Come on to Missouri girl! We're working on 5 inches right now! 'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas' :)

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  3. I remember thinking so was soooo very pretty..but I didn't last 5 minutes in it..tooooo cold! I really wish my kid could have experienced it though..I miss butt bucketing..that was really fun!

  4. Now that's odd! But how cool!

    I adore snow. We don't get nearly enough of it here in Maryland. I'm not sure if living near the water helps or hinders.


  5. I know! Who would have thunk it! My roommate and I threw snowballs at each other.

  6. I remember when I lived there..we went up to Mt Charleston to get my snow "fix" It was so strange to go from the heat to the!