Thursday, August 7, 2008

Evens or Odds?

Up to this point I’ve only done even count Peyote with my own designs. Recently I fell in love with some patterns from pattern-maker extraordinaire Julie Ann Smith at Angelamps. Julie Ann is also a member of the mighty Esmarts Team.

Unfortunately all of the patterns I purchased are for odd count Peyote. Julie Ann was kind enough to send me several tutorials on odd count Peyote. I know I can learn it, I’ve glanced at it and believe I know what to do, but I’m torn. You see I was fortunate enough to buy an issue of Bead and Button last year that had a life changing article entitled Fast Peyote Stitch. The title is slightly deceiving because there is no such thing as fast peyote stitch, it should have been called Faster Peyote Stitch, or even more appropriately, Less Slow Peyote Stitch. A bracelet with a complicated pattern can take me up to 2 weeks to finish (I don’t work continuously of course, I have a job and I sleep.) Basically it taught me to do two rows at once. That makes it how much faster? You do the math. As far as I can tell, this method will not work on odd count Peyote. I have sent the instructions to Julie Ann, so who knows, maybe she’ll be able to put the two together.

Where does this leave me? Well, I can do the patterns as purchased and do one row at a time, or I can attempt to alter the patterns. I’m going with the second choice first. I’m trying to beef up my stock as we have in mind a nice craft show for the holidays and I don’t need to double my time on each piece. At least one of the patterns has an edging that will look odd if I knock off or add a line though. Sigh.

Atop this blog is a picture of Roz’s latest piece. I think it’s quite lovely. And it can be yours if The Price is...I mean if you purchase it at ChezChani’s cute little Etsy shop.


  1. Odd Peyote makes me a little crazy. There is a "cheat" though. You can do the whole project as even count leaving off the bead that would make it odd. Then, go back and brick stitch the left off row at the end.

  2. Have to agree, peyote is sometimes painfully slow! Julie Ann does some beautiful designs though, thinking I have to try some of her patterns soon!

    :) Carmen

  3. Sometimes I wish I didn't sleep..I think of all the things I could learn at night whilst the house is quiet and no interruptions.

    I hope that you will be able to figure out the quicker way.that would be so nice for you. I don't seed bead anymore..only did a little many many years ago..brick stitch I think.

    Let us know how your craft fair goes too!

  4. I love your rings, very pretty. Are they made with a stretchy cord?

    This wire wrapped piece is also very nice.

    Using copper to start off with chain maille is a great idea. I could not imagine the cost of getting into it with the way silver is these days and it does look fun, besides beautiful.

    One of my favorite pieces is made with copper colored artistic wire and crocheted with some turquiose and swarovski crystals into a necklace. It's a very pretty color combo.