Thursday, January 17, 2013

Introducing ChezChaniSupply on Etsy!

I'd like to introduce you to ChezChaniSupply, a wholly owned subsidiary of ChezChani.

On this site I hope to offer you the best possible deals on craft supplies, focusing mostly on jewelry supplies.

ChezChaniSupply is a result of my being an extremely frugal person. I found by buying in bulk and spending ALOT of time shopping around that I could save money on my supplies. I could only use a small percentage of what I bought. Thus, ChezChaniSupply was born.

Before making any purchases I comb Etsy and other supply sites, and if I don't believe I can offer the item at a competive rate,then I won't buy it. (Well I might buy it, but I won't sell it.)

For our grand openning, I'm pleased to offer you 10 percent off your purchase. This code is good for a limited time only so don't delay if you see something you like.

Discount code is GRANDOPENING . Feel free to share this code with your friends. I have many items still to be listed so check back often!

Thanks so much for giving ChezChaniSupply a look.

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous!! I don't need any jewelry supplies at the moment but will definitely keep you in mind when I do. Good luck with your new Etsy store!