Monday, September 28, 2009

Duck Duck Goose??

Anthony and I went to Mesquite (NV) for our weekend. The highlight of our little trips there are the ducks and the whole goose family that we visit at the pond in front of the Casablanca. In fact, we go every May specifically because it's baby duck season.

On this visit we were dismayed to find all the ducks and geese were gone! Anthony believes they put someting in the water that keeps them away. He says they used to have ducks at the Marriott in Summerlin and they got rid of all of them there too.

Why, why would you do this Casablanca??? It's not enough you've closed the Oasis and put all those people out of work, you had to get rid of the ducks too?? Why...WHY???


  1. How very sad. Are people ever going to understand the beauty of nature and wildlife and learn how to get along with it? They probably thought the ducks and geese were making a mess. That's what happened here at a park I used to love to visit.

    BTW - Love the ring you have pictured.

  2. People can't leave well enough alone sometimes - always have to interfere :(

  3. I would think that would bring more people enjoy them. But they were probably tired of the duck poop :\

  4. That's so sad! I love seeing duck families swimming together. They're so cute!

    I like the earrings!

  5. thanks for the awesome comment about my jewelry style :D You do have a sig style..your the poker queen! We all get influenced by whats around have Las Vegas and I have the beach.

    I think my style came from hording my beads in the beginning..not having enough and not wanting to use them up all on one thing so I started making things w/ just a little bit of each lol! Plus I've always preferred asymmetrical stuff rather then patterns in my bracelets...otherwise they aren't as fun to work on. This is more like a puzzle. And I bet I'm not the only one who does I can't claim it as my signature style..we have to face it..there are only so many ways one can put beads on a string lol!

  6. In appreciation for all you do, I've given you the Honest Scrap Award at

    Don't worry if you don't have time to do the whole award thingy. Just know you're appreciated.